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Pinterest and Your Wedding Photographer / Fort Wayne Photographers

The time is going by so quickly. it’s been more than a year since I blogged, and I had such high hopes for myself. So if you’ve followed me, you must have fallen asleep, and maybe in the next little while I can get you interested again!
There is a lot of debate on the photography forums about Pinterest and your wedding photographer. Do we encourage it? Do we poo poo it? Do we pretend to be excited? Do we cooperate?fort wayne wedding photographers
Imagine this. Imagine that every bride for the last 2 years who wanted to use Mason jars, I said to her, “I don’t like Mason jars, they kill my creative spirit. Your wedding will look like everyone else’s with those Mason jars. I think it’s a terrible idea.” I wouldn’t have worked much. The same is true of Pinterest.Findlay Ohio wedding photographers

For those of you who just emerged from a cave and have yet to begin your Pinterest experience, it goes like this. Imagine a bulletin board with the heading “Great Recipes”. You’re in a stadium full of other bulletin boards, and you can yell out “RECIPE FOR BEEF STEW”, and all these index cards fall on your head with beef stew recipes from all over the world, and you decide which ones of those you will pin onto your bulletin board. That would be the real life version of Pinterest. And you can have a board for wedding plans, and one for kitchen decorating ideas, and cool make-up tricks. It’s fun, and addicting.defiance ohio wedding photographers

As a photographer, I like the influx of new ideas, and even I make boards for inspiration. Sometimes I just want to try the lighting technique, sometimes I love the feeling of the shot, and want to go for it in some way.
More and more I am being asked to copy shots brides have seen on Pinterest. Sometimes lots and lots of them. There are some things you need to understand if this is something you want to do with your photographer.

First, allow the time for this. Along with the standard list of phots:

  • you,
  • him,
  • the two of you,
  • you and mom and dad,
  • the both of you and mom and dad…

We add in all the others.  It takes time.

Secondly, do you know where there’s a staircase like they used?  Do you have the chalk, or the blackboard, etc…?

Third, are you sure?  Just checking…., don’t be offended.  Unique is unique, and we are all over it.  On the other hand I have shot the groom showing his wedding ring to the giddy groomsmen maybe….. ten times in the past year?  Do you want the same shot your girlfriend has?fort wayne wedding photography

If given the time, the examples, the materials, and the willingness from all the subjects involved, I LOVE doing this.  Not everyone has Pinterest, and the reaction in my portfolio is usually very positive.  I want to make sure that if I humor you, you’ll let us be creative too.  We artists don’t like to be locked into one bag of tricks. I also want to make sure you understand that every Fort Wayne and Wabash wedding photographer is being asked to shoot this same shot, and so down the road, all your friends and family may see the same image in every wedding album they look at.

All that being said, let’s go have some fun shooting your wedding pictures!  YEE HA!

~~~Hilary and Derrick and our Rainy Day / Ft Wayne Engagement Photography

Finally it was time to get some pictures of Hilary and Derrick. We’ve been texting and emailing and facebooking and talking on the phone. EVERYTHING but actually looking at each other. We’d never met!
We had hoped to rock downtown like I love to do, finding new nooks and crannies; It rained, and it rained and it rained, and with Hilary’s beautiful silk blouse, outside was out of the question.
SO I schlepped into the Hilton with my soggy gear and my assistant,and there stood two of the best looking people I’d ever met.(How do I get this lucky?!) They were fun, and laid back,and relaxed, and willing to do whatever I asked.
Here’s some of what we got.

Their wedding is just a few weeks away. This was for their guest book. Now I’m even more excited for their wedding day! Thanks guys!

The VanBuskirk Wedding / Ft Jennings Wedding Photographer

Once in a while someone falls into your life, and enhances it in all
sorts of ways.  Such is the case with Justin and Tracy, and
such is ALSO the case with Tracy and me!  She had seen my work
for another bride and groom in her area, and called and told me “I
like the way you look at things”.  Tracy Burgei walking down the aisleShe’s an art teacher and an
artist and the more she talked the more I wanted to work with / for
her, and help represent her dream.Tracy Burgei and her brothers
When she called, it had just been a matter of weeks since her dad
had been killed and her mom injured in a terrible traffic
accident.  Her sweetheart had asked her to marry him, and as
she told me some of these plans have been in HER head for a long
time. Tracy Burgei VanBuskirk and her mom

I heard about the classic car his dad had that they wanted to
use as their get away car, her brothers walking her down the aisle,
and the photos she wanted taken at the cemetery to include her dad
in their day.  By the end of our conversation, we both felt we
were a good fit, and agreed to move forward.Tracy and Justin VanBuskirk

We didn’t meet until their engagement photos, and that was the
continuation of the comfortable nature of our relationship. 
They drove quite a ways to meet me, and then we drove all over the
place, one following the other, to get the atmosphere just
right.  Lots of time, lots of images, and they completely fine with the driving and the time it took.  It was all OK with them.Tarcy and her dad's tombstone on ehr wedding day  They loved
their photos, and so did I!

The wedding day was just as she had described.  Great fun with

big points of memory and emotion for both of them.  We did get

to use the car.  We did go to the cemetery and get something

that included her dad, and the beautiful spot where he rests. 

Their wedding party was a great bunch of outgoing, big hearted

people who made interesting party images no trouble at all. 

At the end of the day, I took them down an empty hallway together

and shot their ring pictures before we loaded up and left. 

Justin thanked me in such a sincere way for working so hard and

dealing with everyone so well, and getting what he was sure were

great photos.  It meant the world to me, and I told him

so.  If we all hadn’t been soaking wet with sweat, I probably

would have just grabbed him and bawled.  It was a good good time,

and I think it shows in these images, from start to finish.Justin VanBuskirk and the Chevy
Thank you, my new friends!

Riley at 6 Months / Ft Wayne Indiana Family Photographer

I had shot the wedding of Riley’s parents, Shelly and Geoff last
year. It was a fabulous outdoor affair in Autumn, and
Shelly made the prettiest bride! Now the prettiest bride
has an equally pretty little angel.

We had put this off for hot weather, rainy weather and illness, so
when we finally got together and I got to meet this little punkin I
wanted to just eat her up. She’s a happy, mellow child
with the longest eyelashes and the best baby girl wardrobe
ever! We’re going to do some indoor stuff next week, so
I’ll be sure to share that too!

I shoot far more grown ups than children, so I really relish these






The Olson Wedding, and Miracles at Notre Dame University

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl alive.  I am doing
what I most love to do, and making a few bucks for it.  I get
found by people all over the country who see my work and ask me to
do work for them.  They tell their friends, their friends hire
me….it’s a wonderful circle.

This event was incredible!  What a glorious series of
delightful surprises, and beauty beyond belief.  But please
believe it.  It’s all true, and it can be seen in this


Andrea found me online.  We had a terrific rapport on the phone
and through email, and we went back and forth for quite a while
before she was in the area with Dave, and we all drove quite  a
ways to finally meet.  They had conducted a long distance
romance of epic proportion for a very long time since they had both
graduated from Notre Dame, and had gone on to grad school, and
internships.When I walked into McDonald’s in Angola to have coffee
with them, I came face to face with two of the warmest most genuine
people I’d ever met.  So comfortable in their own skin. 
So comfortable with one another.  She is
Princess-Grace-American-Beauty kind of pretty. .He is sparkly and
genuine in a way that makes you want to stay around him, and be his
pal.  We talked.  We got excited.  We made the
plan!  Almost a year went by before I would see them again, at
their wedding rehearsal. 


I needed help at Notre Dame.  More than I knew.  I needed
someone to shoot with me, and as it turned out, I needed a tour
guide for the campus as well.  I was so fortunate to have
Christian Alonzo agree to work with me on this project!  He is
familiar with the campus, and although he had not been inside The
Basilica, he could get me there and that was WAY better than I would
have been able to do on my own.  I felt confident walking in
the massive doors with him, although we had never met before, we
were online friends for years in photography boards.  I knew I
had a worthy comrade.  How smart am I?  The guy is
brilliant, and great company too!  (“Thank you” does not suffice,


I could go on and on–and in fact I HAVE, haven’t I?!


Just let me share one more tidbit of this day.  (Then if you
want to know more, ask me.  I could go on for hours.)  The
large wedding party walked in and down the aisle.  The bride
and her father walked in and down the aisle.  Her hand was
placed in Dave’s, dad walked away and sat down with his wife.


Christian and I looked at each other across this cavernous building in silence.  I quietly walked over to the event coordinator for the Basilica.  I asked her who often this happens.  She said in the six years she had been working there, it had never happened.  As it turned out, the entire campus was out.  

Christian and I had all our tools.  We were prepared for anything, and WOW was it a good thing!  40 minutes go by in natural light.  The singer of the prayers had such a rich and powerful voice that she rose to the occasion, and no one suffered for it whatsoever.  In a Catholic mass, the Eucharist is brought out, a select group of prayers and blessings are said and at the very end of this lovely part of the ceremony by the priest, and before communion, the Eucharist is raised high in the air.  It’s a goosebump moment, always.  At that very moment, the lights came back on.  The jewelers lights shone on
the gold at the top of the majestic pillars, the gorgeous antique
fixtures fired back up, and we completed the wedding mass with the
light that it was intended to have.


I tell this story for 2 reasons. 

1) It did not surprise me at all that with a couple so tranquil and
secure in their love, and so peaceful at preparing on their wedding
day, the Lord showed that he WAS there. 

2) If you know of someone thinking of hiring a photographer who has
shot a couple of weddings and would love to do it for $500–tell
them this story.  When things don’t go smoothly, there is NO
replacement for experience, fine equipment and know how.  I
have shot hundreds of weddings now.  SOMETHING happens at every
single one of them, and for years now I have been ready!


I LOVE my job!


The PBS Auction and Our Henry Adventure in Wonderland!

Last summer I donated a big gift certificate to the local PBS auction for their annual fundraiser.  It was exiting to see the donation mentioned time and time again during the month of the fundraising event.  I got some emails with questions about what the coverage entailed, etc.  That even heightened the thrill of being involved, as I anticipated meeting the winner and beginning the planning of their big day.

In the end the Martin Henry family won, and their daughter Rebecca contacted me to arrange a meeting so we could get acquainted and talk about her wedding day. Becky was in town from Indy to taste cakes, and look at floral choices, and I met her mom Vicki, her sister Jamie and her at Club Soda for a cocktail (or two) and some delightful chat and love fest.  They were so appreciative of my donation to PBS, I was so appreciative of their support of same.  I made fast friends that night.

Fast forward to the wedding day.  How lucky can I get?  Seriously!  The handsomest men, the most gorgeous girls.  A huge loving family completely immersed in this occasion.  The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  The Scottish Rite.  A trolley for a couple of hours in between and all of downtown Ft Wayne as our backdrop.  This was a fabulous day with clients who wanted cool photos just as much as they wanted a rocking party.  A photographer’s dream!

Thanks Becky and Steve, and your entire entourage.

Thanks Martin and Vicki for being benevolent benefactors to a worthy cause.

Thanks to ALL for being the perfect subjects. 

Thanks to the entire Henry family for their graciousness, that day and every day!
I’ve made LOTS new friends–the ultimate icing on this cake!

(A special shout out to Brandon Wittwer, who takes my sh**, shoots like a champ, and helps make me look good!)

Clean Underwear and Stuff

You know what our moms always told us about wearing clean panties for the ambulance driver?  The same is also true of hair color. 

Don’t wait two weeks too long! 

You could walk into the emergency room with a serious need for color, and be held captive there for a week.  When this happens you find yourself then assuring the nurses that usually you are way cuter than this.

It’s true.  I know.

I’m freshly red now, and much more is right with the world!



I have been so darned busy–which is the good news AND the bad news.  I promised myself I would blog better this year, but instead I’ve only had the time to Facebook like crazy.  Something new is afoot though, and I HAD to holler about it here.

This summer’s promotion is METAL.

Book a senior picture session prior to August 1st and get a metal 8×10 float mount (A $90.00 value!) of your favorite image along with your regular $250.00 in prints.  Book your wedding for any remaining 2010, ’11 or ’12 date and get a complimentary group of THREE 12×12 metal float mounts of your favorite images from your wedding day included in your after-the-event product package!  (A $375 value)
Interested?  Call me!  Know someone who might be?  Hit “share” at the top of this blog and pass the news around.

This offer expires 8.01.10


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I’ve been excited about this product for months, and have decided on this material for the Vino Bellisimo gallery I’ve been asked to do in Lima, Ohio.  I received the samples today, and here are some images of what I have!
I am SO impressed!  I want all my clients to have this on their walls, and I’ll be talking about it and showing all my clients from now on! 
Be sure to ask me about it after your next photo session, and check it out in Lima in the next few weeks!

The Kimmell House Inn

Deb and Dean of The Kimmell House Inn allowed me to shoot a bridal boudoir portrait session in their beautiful establishment and in trade I shot some promotional stuff for them for their upcoming website.  I could have stayed there all day.  A gorgeous woods, one of the most beautiful homes I’ve set foot inside in the Midwest, and the nicest people.  If you get a chance, stop by.  They have fantastic lemonade, and their B and B is a fine example of historic Indiana.