Kattslair and How I Spent My Spring “Vacation” / Fort Wayne Indiana Commercial Photographer

Vintage costume estate jewelry fort wayne indianaI’ve been working hard but not the way I thought I would be these days.  Things change.  What do we do?  We dust ourselves off and move on.

What I have been working at is getting my father a website he can be proud of, and one from which he can sell his beautiful things.  It’s vintage estate and costume jewelry, and he has LOTS of it!  He and his wife Sande collected it for years, going to auctions and estate sales, even occasionally meeting with someone who had it and called asking if they were interested in looking at it.  They sold it, sometimes at flea markets, sometimes out of a booth in an antique mall, and sometimes online in various places.  Hollycraft vintage estate costume jewelry sales

Their site until recently was more of a museum to educate the public on the different brands and makers.  After Sande’s sudden death, dad was at a loss.  He has rooms full of these lovely trinkets, and his business and life partner was suddenly gone.  A few weeks after that, I found myself at a loss, so we quickly made a plan to stay busy and keep moving forward.  I’ve done product photography before, and I really enjoy it, but not nearly as much as this.  Not only do I get to spend my days looking at pretty little sparkly things, but I also get to hang out with one of the coolest men on earth.  It’s been a real blessing and joy for us both!  (More proof for me that everything DOES happen for a reason.)HAR vintage costume estate jewelry sales fort wayne

This is a subject I have been excited about for many years, and it’s been amusing to find out that my taste was pretty good.  I actually own some good named pieces, as well!  One of these days I’ll gather it together and show you!  (I’m NOT selling mine!)ART vintage estate costume jewelry sales fort wayne

To see more of this fabulous project, go see his new site here.

He also has booths in 2 local places,

Natures Corner Antique Mall

2307 Spy Run Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805



Homestead Antiques / Old Tyme Sales

255 North Hetzler Court

Angola, Indiana 46703  (Just off the exit from 69 and 20)

as well as online shops on Etsy and Ruby Lane.