The Olson Wedding, and Miracles at Notre Dame University

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl alive.  I am doing
what I most love to do, and making a few bucks for it.  I get
found by people all over the country who see my work and ask me to
do work for them.  They tell their friends, their friends hire
me….it’s a wonderful circle.

This event was incredible!  What a glorious series of
delightful surprises, and beauty beyond belief.  But please
believe it.  It’s all true, and it can be seen in this


Andrea found me online.  We had a terrific rapport on the phone
and through email, and we went back and forth for quite a while
before she was in the area with Dave, and we all drove quite  a
ways to finally meet.  They had conducted a long distance
romance of epic proportion for a very long time since they had both
graduated from Notre Dame, and had gone on to grad school, and
internships.When I walked into McDonald’s in Angola to have coffee
with them, I came face to face with two of the warmest most genuine
people I’d ever met.  So comfortable in their own skin. 
So comfortable with one another.  She is
Princess-Grace-American-Beauty kind of pretty. .He is sparkly and
genuine in a way that makes you want to stay around him, and be his
pal.  We talked.  We got excited.  We made the
plan!  Almost a year went by before I would see them again, at
their wedding rehearsal. 


I needed help at Notre Dame.  More than I knew.  I needed
someone to shoot with me, and as it turned out, I needed a tour
guide for the campus as well.  I was so fortunate to have
Christian Alonzo agree to work with me on this project!  He is
familiar with the campus, and although he had not been inside The
Basilica, he could get me there and that was WAY better than I would
have been able to do on my own.  I felt confident walking in
the massive doors with him, although we had never met before, we
were online friends for years in photography boards.  I knew I
had a worthy comrade.  How smart am I?  The guy is
brilliant, and great company too!  (“Thank you” does not suffice,


I could go on and on–and in fact I HAVE, haven’t I?!


Just let me share one more tidbit of this day.  (Then if you
want to know more, ask me.  I could go on for hours.)  The
large wedding party walked in and down the aisle.  The bride
and her father walked in and down the aisle.  Her hand was
placed in Dave’s, dad walked away and sat down with his wife.


Christian and I looked at each other across this cavernous building in silence.  I quietly walked over to the event coordinator for the Basilica.  I asked her who often this happens.  She said in the six years she had been working there, it had never happened.  As it turned out, the entire campus was out.  

Christian and I had all our tools.  We were prepared for anything, and WOW was it a good thing!  40 minutes go by in natural light.  The singer of the prayers had such a rich and powerful voice that she rose to the occasion, and no one suffered for it whatsoever.  In a Catholic mass, the Eucharist is brought out, a select group of prayers and blessings are said and at the very end of this lovely part of the ceremony by the priest, and before communion, the Eucharist is raised high in the air.  It’s a goosebump moment, always.  At that very moment, the lights came back on.  The jewelers lights shone on
the gold at the top of the majestic pillars, the gorgeous antique
fixtures fired back up, and we completed the wedding mass with the
light that it was intended to have.


I tell this story for 2 reasons. 

1) It did not surprise me at all that with a couple so tranquil and
secure in their love, and so peaceful at preparing on their wedding
day, the Lord showed that he WAS there. 

2) If you know of someone thinking of hiring a photographer who has
shot a couple of weddings and would love to do it for $500–tell
them this story.  When things don’t go smoothly, there is NO
replacement for experience, fine equipment and know how.  I
have shot hundreds of weddings now.  SOMETHING happens at every
single one of them, and for years now I have been ready!


I LOVE my job!