Melissa and TJ’s Engagement







You know…by the end of the year, as I limp out of the last reception
hall, and I have hugged my last bride and groom of the year…after I
start the van and feel like tears are IMMINENT, I’m sooooooo tired…THAT’S
when I say to myself “Thank goodness this is it for a while!”  I
rejoice.  I tell my fellow photogs “I’m done!  I’m
done!  I survived another year!”
Then this happens:
I meet (again) a bride who signed me over a year ago.  I see her
and think “OH YEAH!” and recall the special qualities I recognized
during our meeting.  She’s excited to see me, this means it’s official–they really
ARE getting married.  My relationship with them is finally
underway, and many times, this is my first meeting with her
Romeo.  This time was like that.  TJ shook my hand firmly (I
love that in a man) and looked me right in the eyes.  He was
excited too.
At first the couple does not know what to do.  They feel
awkward.  They stand together unnaturally.  They’re suddenly
awkward together.  They’re embarrassed at first.
My advice for these people, so excited and scared, and unfamiliar with
me and my shooting style is “Just be together!  I’ll get
it.”  Subtle, if any direction…I get excited.  I show them
something magical I caught…  They get excited.  They
remember why they chose me.  He relaxes, and magic starts to
happen.  This last one made me gasp when I got home, and
unloaded my card.  I GOT IT.  He looked at her, they trusted
me, I hit the shutter release- POW.
I’m ready ready ready for wedding season again.
I love my job.
How lucky am I?
TJ, nice to meet you.  I won’t let you down.

Laura and Nick’s Engagement in the Snow

Laura and Nick are getting married this summer.  They were going to be home for Christmas, so we knew we wanted to do something during that week.  Initially we were going to take a road trip to Purdue.  They had loved Sarah and Sean’s engagement shoot and wanted to do something similar, but this winter did not coopreate.  The week prior we touched base and decided it would probably be safer to stick closer to their hometown, and we’re all glad we did.  We hit it out of the park right here in River City!
The snow was intense, and downtown was a ghost town.  The convention center was closed, so we sneaked in through the hotel (he he he), and got some cool stuff there.

I’m proud of this work, and they are thrilled to death with it.