Baby Nadia / Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Brittney and I have been floating very near the same circles of people for years now.
We both do services for the Fort Wayne area, and are held in high esteem.
It was inevitable that sooner or later the centrifuge of life would spin us together!
I’m so glad it finally happened.  Brittney has a five month old ANGEL of a child named Nadia.
Nadia’s grandmother had crocheted a mermaid costume for her for Halloween, and so it was decided that portraits were in order.  Fort Wayne Family Photographers

LOOK at this little angel.  I cannot wait to see her again.  This first visit kept me floating for hours!Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Fort Wayne Indiana Family Photographers

Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding Day? YES WE CAN / Fort Wayne Wedding Photographers

Wedding coordinator for your wedding day?  Wouldn’t it be great?!  No one asks you where the pew bows are, or when the florist should be there.  It WILL be great, because beginning next year, we will take care of all that for you.  Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio wedding planning

We’ve seen the need, we’ve discussed it, and we’ve decided we can provide this better than anyone.  Who knows the timeline of your day better than we do?  Who knows what’s most important and what you really do NOT want better than we do?  It’s a no brainer, and we are psyched about it!  We have hired someone with supreme organization, and an eye for detail to begin caring for our brides all day long.  It’s someone we’ve known for years, and who has a proven track record of caring for people in a way that makes them feel heard and cared for!  You’ll love her as much as we do!fort wayne indiana wedding planning

This is just another way for you to get the care you deserve to enjoy your wedding day, and let us provide you with what you need most!  A day of your own with your lover, pulled off like clockwork because we take the stress and leave you the fun!fort wayne wedding photographersfort wayne defiance ohio wedding coordinators

Ean and Jessica’s Downtown Wedding / Fort Wayne Philmore on Broadway Wedding Photographer

I was so lucky to be able to shoot this wedding for these two in this incredible venue!The philmore on broadway wedding photographer

They responded to a promotion we had offered earlier this year trying to get into cool places where we had not previously worked.  I got to shoot their engagement and then made a movie poster for their wedding day in an old restored theater, The Philmore on Broadway.  The theme of their wedding was old movie love stories!  Charming and fun, and in such a cool place!The philmore on broadway wedding cake

Ean and Jessica are crazy about each other!  So much so that after the wedding, when it was time to kiss his bride, he didn’t want to stop, and lunged forward to get another kiss before they were proclaimed husband and wife.  Their dinner was divine, flowers from Armstrongs were impeccable as always, and the day and night ran like clockwork thanks to a wedding planner we were so impressed with; Shawna at LaBella Eden, and her assistant Robin.Bride at the philmore on broadway wedding

Groom at the philmore on broadway wedding

the philmore on broadway wedding photographer

The philmore on broadway wedding photographer fort wayne

Dinner at the philmore on broadway

Fort Wayne the philmore on broadway

Congratulations Vanstroms!  Thank you for choosing us!  Here’s to a long and wonderful life together!

Christen and Kyle got Married / Fort Wayne History Center wedding photographer

♥♥   Christen and Kyle Ellis’s wedding happened in the dark, after a tornado, MOMENTS after the power outage that tortured us all for the next week! We drove in ditches, around downed trees and power lines, and sweat like cattle.  It was most certainly stormy weather of the most literal kind! Very few times have I counted on all the experience I have had with a camera in my hand to this extent.  People chuckle sometimes when they see me come through the door with my rolling toolbox of tricks and extra gadgets, but they came in handy this night including extra flashes, extra tripods, white boards. and so much more.  If you consider hiring a photographer who is just starting out, pray for ANYTHING but a night like this. Someone who shows up with their shoulder bag, filled with their flash and their camera body would have made this wedding invisible.fort wayne indiana wedding photographers photography


Their wedding went successfully though, with serene smiles on their faces, and a group of loving family around them, in a room with very little natural light.  It is for that reason that I ask you to forgive the shadows.   ♥♥

At the end of the day, downtown in Fort Wayne’s beloved History Center, it was all good.  Fort Wayne Pro DJs spun music to keep people on their feet.The weather was a distant memory, and it had blown away some heat, temporarily.  We went off on our own (which you know by now I LOVE to do) and got the tipsy love birds doing what lovebirds do best.  We didn’t care by that time that none of our homes had power.  We were giddy, and silly and happy.  It was a good GOOD day after all.ort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana wedding photographers photography

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

Jordan and Jeff’s Country Wedding / Angola Fremont Indiana Wedding Photographer

When I met Jordan and Jeff, we had spoken many times, on the phone, thru text and email, we Facebooked, and then it was time for engagement photos. We went downtown with Abe, their son, a very long-legged wonderful black lab.Angola Fremont Indiana Wedding photographer photography

Fast forward to June 30, one of the hottest days this year and the day after the tornado that caused such harm to our area.  The wedding was in Fremont Indiana, at Old Mill Shoppes and Art Gallery.  It is an old village moved there by the owners, and it is a very special place!  There is not one inch that is not picturesque, but in keeping with its old fashioned decor, there is no air conditioning.  It did not faze our lovebirds, though.  There was very little room for all the friends and family, three videographers and the two of us, and it made the tiny building even hotter, but nonetheless, it was an amazingly gorgeous wedding, and the country details Jeff and Jordan put together were exquisite!Angola Fremont Indiana wedding photographer bride

Angola Fremont Indiana wedding photographer groom

fremont angola indiana wedding photographer details

fremont indiana angola wedding photographer runner

fremont indiana old shoppes wedding photographer

fremont angola indiana wedding photographer dog

old shoppes fremont indiana wedding photographer

We are very proud of this body of work!  Hope you enjoy it!old shoppes angola fremont indiana wedding photographer

angola wedding photographer detail ringsangola indiana wedding photographer first danceangola indiana wedding photographer garter toss

Jessica’s Senior Pictures! / Fort Wayne Indiana Photographer Photography

Jess is the sister of a recent bride.  She’s into music, and fashion and is a delightful woman.  We met in downtown Fort Wayne, goofed around and then went to the mall.

I told her when I walked up, “You’re so beautiful!”   Her mother, (having raised two pretty girls) chimed in “She’s really talented, too.”  If you are raising a girl, you just smiled.  I know you did!

People ask me all the time if I am just a wedding photographer.  Heck no.  That may be all the majority of the population sees from me, but that’s just because so many people are involved in a wedding day.  I’m blessed to do professionally every type of photography I want to, and get paid for it!  I’m also blessed to have this angel’s face in my portfolio!

Thanks for asking me, Jessica!

Jessica Murphy Fort Wayne Senior Picture

Jessica Murphy Fort Wayne Senior Picture Photographer

Jessica Murphy Fort Wayne Senior Picture Portrait

Jessica Murphy Fort Wayne Senior Picture Female

Cassondra and Terry’s Big Fat Wedding Day! / Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Event Photographer

Cassondra booked me as soon as Terry asked. She had been a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding, and liked my style, and said I was easy to be around, and she wanted me. That was almost 2 years ago. it’s been wonderful getting to know her, and watch the progress she’s made on her wedding plans. She booked the vendors I told her did consistently phenomenal work. She hired a planner I recommended when her job got bigger and more stressful. She trusted me, and I appreciated it so much! She also lived out of town this entire time.  Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

We shot their engagement photos in the church bowling alley and around Fort Wayne. We had a blast. I owed her a bridal portrai and with her crazy schedule, that ended up being TWO DAYS before their wedding. We managed it, I edited a few I LOVED, she chose one, I got it printed and it was framed on an easel beside their wedding cake. (WHHHHEW)  Bridal Portrait Fort Wayne Photographer Photography

Working with these two has been so much fun from the first call, to the last moments by the trolley, and even NOW.  Friends for life, and some of the best photos we’ve taken up to now.  Congrats Mizes, and thank you for choosing us!

Fort Wayne Rehearsal photography photographer

Casssondra preparation wedding fort wayne photography photographer

walking down the aisle fort wayne photography photographer

ring exchange fort wayne photography photographer

cassondar desmond balloon release wedding photographer

Desmonds Mize Trolley Ride fort wayne photographer

Mize men wedding party fort wayne photographer photography

wells street bridge fort wayne photography photographer

geogleins fort wayne reception hall photography photographer

cake geogleins fort wayne indiana photography photographer

desmonds mize dance fort wayne wedding photography

We worked with (and inside the venues of) some of the finest wedding professionals in Fort Wayne for this event.

Goeglein’s Homestead who NEVER disappoints!

Rose’s Bouquets Our favorite Fort Wayne florist!

Jordan Bentley at Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Coordinating Service is incredible at keeping things flowing flawlessly!

~~~Hilary and Derrick and our Rainy Day / Ft Wayne Engagement Photography

Finally it was time to get some pictures of Hilary and Derrick. We’ve been texting and emailing and facebooking and talking on the phone. EVERYTHING but actually looking at each other. We’d never met!
We had hoped to rock downtown like I love to do, finding new nooks and crannies; It rained, and it rained and it rained, and with Hilary’s beautiful silk blouse, outside was out of the question.
SO I schlepped into the Hilton with my soggy gear and my assistant,and there stood two of the best looking people I’d ever met.(How do I get this lucky?!) They were fun, and laid back,and relaxed, and willing to do whatever I asked.
Here’s some of what we got.

Their wedding is just a few weeks away. This was for their guest book. Now I’m even more excited for their wedding day! Thanks guys!

The VanBuskirk Wedding / Ft Jennings Wedding Photographer

Once in a while someone falls into your life, and enhances it in all
sorts of ways.  Such is the case with Justin and Tracy, and
such is ALSO the case with Tracy and me!  She had seen my work
for another bride and groom in her area, and called and told me “I
like the way you look at things”.  Tracy Burgei walking down the aisleShe’s an art teacher and an
artist and the more she talked the more I wanted to work with / for
her, and help represent her dream.Tracy Burgei and her brothers
When she called, it had just been a matter of weeks since her dad
had been killed and her mom injured in a terrible traffic
accident.  Her sweetheart had asked her to marry him, and as
she told me some of these plans have been in HER head for a long
time. Tracy Burgei VanBuskirk and her mom

I heard about the classic car his dad had that they wanted to
use as their get away car, her brothers walking her down the aisle,
and the photos she wanted taken at the cemetery to include her dad
in their day.  By the end of our conversation, we both felt we
were a good fit, and agreed to move forward.Tracy and Justin VanBuskirk

We didn’t meet until their engagement photos, and that was the
continuation of the comfortable nature of our relationship. 
They drove quite a ways to meet me, and then we drove all over the
place, one following the other, to get the atmosphere just
right.  Lots of time, lots of images, and they completely fine with the driving and the time it took.  It was all OK with them.Tarcy and her dad's tombstone on ehr wedding day  They loved
their photos, and so did I!

The wedding day was just as she had described.  Great fun with

big points of memory and emotion for both of them.  We did get

to use the car.  We did go to the cemetery and get something

that included her dad, and the beautiful spot where he rests. 

Their wedding party was a great bunch of outgoing, big hearted

people who made interesting party images no trouble at all. 

At the end of the day, I took them down an empty hallway together

and shot their ring pictures before we loaded up and left. 

Justin thanked me in such a sincere way for working so hard and

dealing with everyone so well, and getting what he was sure were

great photos.  It meant the world to me, and I told him

so.  If we all hadn’t been soaking wet with sweat, I probably

would have just grabbed him and bawled.  It was a good good time,

and I think it shows in these images, from start to finish.Justin VanBuskirk and the Chevy
Thank you, my new friends!

Riley at 6 Months / Ft Wayne Indiana Family Photographer

I had shot the wedding of Riley’s parents, Shelly and Geoff last
year. It was a fabulous outdoor affair in Autumn, and
Shelly made the prettiest bride! Now the prettiest bride
has an equally pretty little angel.

We had put this off for hot weather, rainy weather and illness, so
when we finally got together and I got to meet this little punkin I
wanted to just eat her up. She’s a happy, mellow child
with the longest eyelashes and the best baby girl wardrobe
ever! We’re going to do some indoor stuff next week, so
I’ll be sure to share that too!

I shoot far more grown ups than children, so I really relish these