I have been so darned busy–which is the good news AND the bad news.  I promised myself I would blog better this year, but instead I’ve only had the time to Facebook like crazy.  Something new is afoot though, and I HAD to holler about it here.

This summer’s promotion is METAL.

Book a senior picture session prior to August 1st and get a metal 8×10 float mount (A $90.00 value!) of your favorite image along with your regular $250.00 in prints.  Book your wedding for any remaining 2010, ’11 or ’12 date and get a complimentary group of THREE 12×12 metal float mounts of your favorite images from your wedding day included in your after-the-event product package!  (A $375 value)
Interested?  Call me!  Know someone who might be?  Hit “share” at the top of this blog and pass the news around.

This offer expires 8.01.10


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I’ve been excited about this product for months, and have decided on this material for the Vino Bellisimo gallery I’ve been asked to do in Lima, Ohio.  I received the samples today, and here are some images of what I have!
I am SO impressed!  I want all my clients to have this on their walls, and I’ll be talking about it and showing all my clients from now on! 
Be sure to ask me about it after your next photo session, and check it out in Lima in the next few weeks!