We ARE Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

indianapolis wedding photographersWe’ve been Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana photographers for a lonnnnng time.  Feels like a good time to stretch our legs, and flex our muscles.  The past couple of years we’ve decided that we are destination wedding photographers, since we’re thrilled to go anywhere with our tools.  That was a no-brainer.  It’s now time we proclaim something else.  We are Indianapolis wedding photographers.Indianapolis wedding photography

Eden left for college.  Our only child.  It’s been coming, and she’s been so excited about it and preparing for it for years!  Now it’s here…and she’s not.  She’s in Indianapolis.  (See where we might be heading, here?)Indianapolis wedding photography

So Jeffrey and I moved her down to Indy, and on the way home we started thinking… Why are we not Indianapolis photographers? We ARE. We’ve won awards, our work’s been published, we have great reviews all over the place…we’ve rocked Ft Wayne. Heck, Indy is only 90 minutes from our front porch…

Let’s do it!


We ARE Indianapolis wedding photographers!

indy wedding photographers

So we began to plot.  If we worked in Indy more, we’d see this kid more, we’d shoot in more interesting venues, we’d be in a place that excites us more often.  Is there a down side?  Nope.

indy bridal portraits

Those more local photographers are no more talented than we are.  They’re just more expensive because they’re paying rent in the mega-metropolis.  (The first advantage for the client.)  We’ve photographed events and portraits in some of the largest and most beautiful venues in Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio.  We pride ourselves on mature customer service from start to finish, which includes far more than just pretty pictures.Indianapolis wedding photography

We are attentive from the initial meeting, to the timeline consultation, to the ordering of prints, canvases and the album design. We are continually referred by other professionals with whom we have worked because we don’t keep people waiting, we’re organized, fun and friendly, and we are ready for anything because we have done this a million times.  And then, of course, we also produce very pretty pictures!

indianapolis engagement photographer

So we’re on it.  We want it.  We’re going after this like a fat kid to cake.  We want to work where Eden is.  We want to document more of the big city.  We want to use our creativity on a wider scale.  C’mon Indy.  You’re going to love us!

indianapolis wedding photojournalism

SO here’s our first idea….if we have not worked in the venue in which you are having your soiree, we’ll give you a 20% discount on our services from today until New Year’s Eve 2018.  No kidding.indy wedding photography

Take a look at our work.  http://www.alleyesonyouphotos.com/
You’ll be impressed.  Then you’ll call us.  We’ll meet for coffee…. yada yada yada.

Let’s do this!   260.385.6329

indianapolis wedding photographers

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Bring it!

indy wedding photography