MOMS~~You Oughtta be in Pictures / Ft Wayne Family Photographer

I posted to the facebook page of my girlfriend’s mom the other day, after I saw the notice that it was her birthday.  I told her I hoped she had the best day EVER.  I knew she’s been sick for a long time, and that it kept my sweet girlfriend extremely busy caring for her, and that her dad who was not a good bachelor while his wife was ill.  A few moments after I’d posted my salutation I got a private message that read “I’m sorry to inform you….”  Patty had died on her 7oth birthday.  She wouldn’t ever see my birthday message.

Fast forward to a few days later at my friend’s dining room table, looking for photos of her beloved mother.  It was a challenge!  The best photo we took to the mortuary was from the 50’s.  It was a beautifully lit, she was wearing white and looked like a movie star.

My dad took all the photos in my family and so there are many of my pretty young mom with all us sunburned kids, or in Easter hats, or around a birthday cake.  In my family it is I who take the pictures.  When people aim a camera at me, I say “NO!  That’s my job”.  I’m not in many photos, and in fact we have NEVER had a professional family portrait.

Moms, make sure you’re in photos.  No one cares if you weigh 50 lbs more than when you got married.  Nobody cares if you’re in curlers and a scarf.  Nobody cares if there are folded towels across the back of the couch.  SMILE.  Grab the nearest loved one and SMILE.

We moms don’t last forever.  We leave our children and grandchildren, and the photos of us when we’re gone mean even more.  It’s us.  It’s mom.  It’s their memory.  It’s their life on paper.  RELAX.

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Mother's Day 2012