Karli, and My Visit to Carissa and Marc’s

This is without question one of the joys of my life.  I get to know and love a couple getting married.  Then as their family grows, I get to document that, and become a part of all that life is about.
I drove to Lima Monday night to meet Baby Karli, Marc and Carissa’s newest child.  She is three days old, and fussy and not fussy, and sleepy and not sleepy, not unlike exhausted Carissa, my dear friend, at this point.  Life is LARGE right now.
I knock on the door and a ball of dark haired energy emerges, and becomes this evening’s entertainment.  She’s Indie, the big sister now.  She’s 3, and she is fantastic!  She danced for us, and reminded me of how far I have come with my near teenager, and how much I miss this part of raising children.
Her dance is as follows:
She got out her costume….
Then thought better of it.
She started gently, and a little demure.
Then started to unwind and really show us her inner artiste!
and then for the grande finale…
And then I took pictures of the baby….don’t worry, there’s a whole year of her to come!
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST….Handsome Jesse!  (You didn’t think I’d forget you?)
Thanks everybody.  I smiled all the way home.