The VanBuskirk Wedding / Ft Jennings Wedding Photographer

Once in a while someone falls into your life, and enhances it in all
sorts of ways.  Such is the case with Justin and Tracy, and
such is ALSO the case with Tracy and me!  She had seen my work
for another bride and groom in her area, and called and told me “I
like the way you look at things”.  Tracy Burgei walking down the aisleShe’s an art teacher and an
artist and the more she talked the more I wanted to work with / for
her, and help represent her dream.Tracy Burgei and her brothers
When she called, it had just been a matter of weeks since her dad
had been killed and her mom injured in a terrible traffic
accident.  Her sweetheart had asked her to marry him, and as
she told me some of these plans have been in HER head for a long
time. Tracy Burgei VanBuskirk and her mom

I heard about the classic car his dad had that they wanted to
use as their get away car, her brothers walking her down the aisle,
and the photos she wanted taken at the cemetery to include her dad
in their day.  By the end of our conversation, we both felt we
were a good fit, and agreed to move forward.Tracy and Justin VanBuskirk

We didn’t meet until their engagement photos, and that was the
continuation of the comfortable nature of our relationship. 
They drove quite a ways to meet me, and then we drove all over the
place, one following the other, to get the atmosphere just
right.  Lots of time, lots of images, and they completely fine with the driving and the time it took.  It was all OK with them.Tarcy and her dad's tombstone on ehr wedding day  They loved
their photos, and so did I!

The wedding day was just as she had described.  Great fun with

big points of memory and emotion for both of them.  We did get

to use the car.  We did go to the cemetery and get something

that included her dad, and the beautiful spot where he rests. 

Their wedding party was a great bunch of outgoing, big hearted

people who made interesting party images no trouble at all. 

At the end of the day, I took them down an empty hallway together

and shot their ring pictures before we loaded up and left. 

Justin thanked me in such a sincere way for working so hard and

dealing with everyone so well, and getting what he was sure were

great photos.  It meant the world to me, and I told him

so.  If we all hadn’t been soaking wet with sweat, I probably

would have just grabbed him and bawled.  It was a good good time,

and I think it shows in these images, from start to finish.Justin VanBuskirk and the Chevy
Thank you, my new friends!