Don’t Talk to Me. I’m Editing / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Photographers

Don’t Talk to Me.  I’m Editing / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Photographer … seriously.

Joleen and Bobbi have photos coming, so I am in edit mode. Facebook is logged off (which, I’m not gonna lie–HURTS) and I am laser focused. It’s back in the saddle again, and time to start cranking out beauty as the wedding season starts to roll on.
LOVING what I got, so far!
They’re coming, ladies!
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I LOVE being a Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio photographer!

The Slattery Wedding / Hicksville Defiance Ohio Wedding Photographer

Nick and Jessica first met me at Wendy’s after talking on the phone and emailing quite a few times. They were both so outgoing and exuberant about their wedding that from the outset I was psyched about working with them, and becoming their friends. After we agreed that we were a good match though, Jessica’s schooling kept us from being in close touch, which is not the way I usually like to work things, since facebooking etc helps us bond and get acquainted so much before the big day when they’re so nervous, and surrounded by everyone. As a matter of fact, we didn’t talk much for months, and until we started dealing with the timeline, hadn’t talked much at all that whole year! When we saw each other again though, we fell right back into the comfy place where we had found ourselves at the outset.
The wedding rehearsal went without a hitch, and the rehearsal dinner at the former opera house in Hicksville was beautiful and filled with love and fun. All of their friends were confident and funny just like them. Grants Catering did a terrific job on both the rehearsal dinner, and the reception, as usual. Fort wayne Hicksville Wedding photographyThe wedding day was a cool sunny day, perfect for November. The wedding went flawlessly, and through our meetings on the timeline, we had built in a break between the wedding and reception so that I could ride in the limo and we could go to a picturesque spot that they had chosen for more photos with the wedding party and the two of them.The Slattery LimoHicksville Ohio wedding photography By the time we all arrived at the party, Brandon had done his usual fine job on the details and the table set-ups, so the bride and groom were able to breeze in, cut their cake toast their toasts and go straight into dinner. Good thing they did, since right after they began their meal, the cake table was bumped just well enough that their perfect cake fell to the floor and was demolished! Thank God Jessica is as easygoing as she is. She shook it off and made sure Brandon went and documented the carnage!Hicksville Ohio Wedding Photographer
Life will be good for these two I’m sure, with the humor and lightheartedness! We wish them only the best, with love and laughter for the rest of their lives!The Slattery Wedding Party with Limo