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All Eyes on You Facebook Wedding Photography Promotion!fort wayne wedding photography promo
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Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding Day? YES WE CAN / Fort Wayne Wedding Photographers

Wedding coordinator for your wedding day?  Wouldn’t it be great?!  No one asks you where the pew bows are, or when the florist should be there.  It WILL be great, because beginning next year, we will take care of all that for you.  Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio wedding planning

We’ve seen the need, we’ve discussed it, and we’ve decided we can provide this better than anyone.  Who knows the timeline of your day better than we do?  Who knows what’s most important and what you really do NOT want better than we do?  It’s a no brainer, and we are psyched about it!  We have hired someone with supreme organization, and an eye for detail to begin caring for our brides all day long.  It’s someone we’ve known for years, and who has a proven track record of caring for people in a way that makes them feel heard and cared for!  You’ll love her as much as we do!fort wayne indiana wedding planning

This is just another way for you to get the care you deserve to enjoy your wedding day, and let us provide you with what you need most!  A day of your own with your lover, pulled off like clockwork because we take the stress and leave you the fun!fort wayne wedding photographersfort wayne defiance ohio wedding coordinators

Mindi and Mark’s Wedding Day / Nazareth Hall Wedding Photographer

Man, I’m getting behind in my blogging again.  So much shooting, so little time.

This wedding day was damp, but still beautiful.  The gymnasium and Nazareth Hall Grand Rapids OhioNazareth Hall in Grand Rapids Ohio sits on many acres of old trees and rolling hills.  The landscape is really beautiful, and so well established that it really lends to the historical feel of the venue.  In fact it is an old military school, with locker lined hallways, and big class rooms, along with restored dining halls and a refurbished gymnasium that now act as reception areas.  Of course we had hoped to use this landscape as a backdrop, but just before the wedding ceremony began, it was moved from the grotto to the lovely little chapel upstairs due to the pouring rain that had threatened to fall all day.Nazareth hall table setting

Mindi had planned this entire wedding from Tulsa Oklahoma where Mark and she live and work.Bridal portrait at Nazareth Hall  From the home-made cookies as favors, and the colorful candy bar for the guests, the entire event meant fun and family.  The dance floor stayed full, and the smiles were stuck hard and fast on everyone’s faces all night.  The joy and mirth could not be drowned out by the downpour.Bridal portrait outside the front doors of Nazareth Hall

Portrait in the the hallway in Nazareth Hall

Junior groomsmen at Nazareth Hall

wedding ceremony at Nazareth Hall

Party favor at Nazareth Hall

Nazareth Hall wedding photographer

They will be moving back to Ohio soon, closer to family.  We wish them the very best of luck, and happiness forever and ever!

Christen and Kyle got Married / Fort Wayne History Center wedding photographer

♥♥   Christen and Kyle Ellis’s wedding happened in the dark, after a tornado, MOMENTS after the power outage that tortured us all for the next week! We drove in ditches, around downed trees and power lines, and sweat like cattle.  It was most certainly stormy weather of the most literal kind! Very few times have I counted on all the experience I have had with a camera in my hand to this extent.  People chuckle sometimes when they see me come through the door with my rolling toolbox of tricks and extra gadgets, but they came in handy this night including extra flashes, extra tripods, white boards. and so much more.  If you consider hiring a photographer who is just starting out, pray for ANYTHING but a night like this. Someone who shows up with their shoulder bag, filled with their flash and their camera body would have made this wedding invisible.fort wayne indiana wedding photographers photography


Their wedding went successfully though, with serene smiles on their faces, and a group of loving family around them, in a room with very little natural light.  It is for that reason that I ask you to forgive the shadows.   ♥♥

At the end of the day, downtown in Fort Wayne’s beloved History Center, it was all good.  Fort Wayne Pro DJs spun music to keep people on their feet.The weather was a distant memory, and it had blown away some heat, temporarily.  We went off on our own (which you know by now I LOVE to do) and got the tipsy love birds doing what lovebirds do best.  We didn’t care by that time that none of our homes had power.  We were giddy, and silly and happy.  It was a good GOOD day after all.ort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana wedding photographers photographyfort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana wedding photographers photography

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

fort wayne indiana history center wedding photographers

The Loraine Wedding / Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Event Photographer

I’ve worked with Doug Loraine and Rachel Dennis Loraine for over a year, photographed their engagement, and facebooked, texted, emailed and called all the way through the planning of the wedding.  She was so worried and the week prior to the wedding, she barely slept, and needed a trip to the doctor.  She didn’t need to worry.  When you plan that far ahead, you really do have time to think of everything.

When it finally came, it was a blast!  The classic car, the cool personalized runner,  the sun glasses for everyone, the jello shots….it all went off without a hitch.  Colorful, and wonderful!  Congratulations guys, and thanks for trusting me as your photographer!

fort wayne indiana wedding photographer classic car

fort wayne indiana wedding photographer bride and groom

fort wayne indiana wedding photographer ceremony

fort wayne indiana wedding photographer details

fort wayne indiana wedding photographer dance with dad

A special shout out to Brandon Wittwer, my right hand man, and artist in his own right!  Kissy noises!

Wildly Romantic Wedding Photographs….or…..not / Ft Wayne Indiana Wedding Portrait Photographers

When you open a bridal magazine, or planning book you see intensely romantic, sometimes even mildly erotic bride and groom portraits. I love this myself. Some of them are like the 21st century version of Harlequin Romance covers.Slattery Wedding Hicksville Ohio photographer

You need to know a couple of things about these shots if this is what you want from your photographer.

FIRST, a competent photographer feels excited and intrigued at the notion that this is what you want. They won’t wince, or draw back; they’ll lean forward and breathe a bit harder.Bride at reception Hicksville wedding photographer

The OTHER FIRST, (because it IS NOT second) is that these shots take time. Not hours, usually (unless we’re driving to an historic location an hour from your reception venue) but time away, without your best man yanking your chain because you’re showing your new wife some love, away from your mother who is to my right saying “HONEY SMILE”, away from the grandma who wants to coo and have her bachelor son with too-much-camera-for-his-skill jump in front of me and say “Let me get one”. If it’s not an ornately staged production shot, but you still want something romantic, and less Ken and Barbie-ish, you still need SOME time budgeted in your day! The Lyday wedding fort wayne indiana photographyIf you want creative/unique work from your photographer, please discuss your timeline with the photographer more than once prior to the week before your wedding. Allow time. This can be worked out.

A great way to do this is to take some time together BEFORE the wedding.


DON’T LOOK AWAY NOW.cleveland ohio wedding photographer sage oboyle kirtland hills


I personally love this, and consider it more romantic.

Let me tell you why!

I urge the couple to choose a spot to see each other for the first time. I have the groom turn his back and have the bride approach. He gets to see her and review every detail of her, and she HIM. You get to say things to each other, compliment each other, soak each other in. The boutonnière is not crushed by the receiving line before she is alone with him. Her veil, hair and make-up are not wrinkled and wilted by hugs and perspiration. They are the first to see EACH OTHER, and in my experience, the stress bubble starts to deflate, and I see these two people begin to ENJOY their wedding day. They’ve seen their best friend; they begin experiencing the day TOGETHER. The dynamics of that kind of wedding day are immensely different from the scenario where he paces and sweats, she fumbles and tears up constantly, and the tension is what gets documented the first part of the day.Bridal portrait wedding fort wayne indiana photographer

Many times I have heard resistance to this idea, and the notion that “if he sees me before the wedding he won’t feel that rush of seeing me at the other end of the aisle, it won’t be the same, and it won’t be the way it’s supposed to be.” Remember folks, I have shot LOTS of weddings now. I watch these people all day. The notion that he won’t look down the aisle and say to himself, “Here she comes. There she is. The girl I’m about to marry.” Believe me, the groom still wells up, the best man still pats him on the back, the bride still feels all the emotions she would have—she is STILL walking toward Prince Charming on her dad’s arm, she is STILL about to marry the man she loves, and that walk is still a very special one!Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding photographer grand wayne

Dave and andrea olsen wedding notre dame photographer photography

So, to recap, creative portraits take time to get. We can do it after the wedding and before the reception while your mom is hissing “HONEY, the guests are waiting” or we can get them done before, and then you two sail out of the church, onto the party bus or limo, have some extra time with your friends on the way, and you get there before the hoers oeuvres are gone. You can always put a delay between your ceremony and reception to get some fun stuff with your wedding party and then your new spouse. We can stop along the route to the reception, I’ll even ride in the limo if you’d like, or if we’re all finished, I race you to the party, get detail shots of your table settings and your place cards, and your cake before there’s a crowd around it, and greet you as the DJ announces to the guests that you’ve arrived.

Either way, if you plan it into your day, we get the shots you hoped for. The ones your girlfriends and sons and daughters will ooh and ahh over for generations. Either way, we get the documentary of your day. This is the only thing you have left after the gifts are put away and the gown is cleaned.Jon and Jill bryson wedding portraits fort wayne photography

Your preparation for what you want is just as important as mine if you want more than the standard fare in your wedding album. Lakeside park wedding party fort wayne indiana photographer

On the other end of the spectrum, if all you want is the standard fare, you DO NOT want one of those photographers that takes you away from your guests for hours before you get to the party. Check with other brides, talk to them, and don’t take their written word on the site for the final word. Was this person a commando who was rude to the guests? Did they have great ideas or look to the wedding party for guidance? Did the contract they signed represent what REALLY happened? Did this bride get her pictures in a timely fashion? Were they what she had hoped for? If there were any problems or questions whatsoever, did the photographer handle them in a CAN-DO way with prompt responses, and solutions to her issues?Adam and Brittany at lighthouse Celina Ohio wedding photographer

I hate to be crude, but it’s true in some odd ways. Hiring a photographer is like buying a car. It can be pretty and shiny in their portfolio and their website, but they may be letting people down left and right, and if you don’t check, you’re stuck with a big clunker for the rest of your life.bride and groom wedding fort wayne indiana photographer

Suzanne Kattau-Kilcoin
All Eyes on You Portraiture and Event Photography

The Slattery Wedding / Hicksville Defiance Ohio Wedding Photographer

Nick and Jessica first met me at Wendy’s after talking on the phone and emailing quite a few times. They were both so outgoing and exuberant about their wedding that from the outset I was psyched about working with them, and becoming their friends. After we agreed that we were a good match though, Jessica’s schooling kept us from being in close touch, which is not the way I usually like to work things, since facebooking etc helps us bond and get acquainted so much before the big day when they’re so nervous, and surrounded by everyone. As a matter of fact, we didn’t talk much for months, and until we started dealing with the timeline, hadn’t talked much at all that whole year! When we saw each other again though, we fell right back into the comfy place where we had found ourselves at the outset.
The wedding rehearsal went without a hitch, and the rehearsal dinner at the former opera house in Hicksville was beautiful and filled with love and fun. All of their friends were confident and funny just like them. Grants Catering did a terrific job on both the rehearsal dinner, and the reception, as usual. Fort wayne Hicksville Wedding photographyThe wedding day was a cool sunny day, perfect for November. The wedding went flawlessly, and through our meetings on the timeline, we had built in a break between the wedding and reception so that I could ride in the limo and we could go to a picturesque spot that they had chosen for more photos with the wedding party and the two of them.The Slattery LimoHicksville Ohio wedding photography By the time we all arrived at the party, Brandon had done his usual fine job on the details and the table set-ups, so the bride and groom were able to breeze in, cut their cake toast their toasts and go straight into dinner. Good thing they did, since right after they began their meal, the cake table was bumped just well enough that their perfect cake fell to the floor and was demolished! Thank God Jessica is as easygoing as she is. She shook it off and made sure Brandon went and documented the carnage!Hicksville Ohio Wedding Photographer
Life will be good for these two I’m sure, with the humor and lightheartedness! We wish them only the best, with love and laughter for the rest of their lives!The Slattery Wedding Party with Limo

The VanBuskirk Wedding / Ft Jennings Wedding Photographer

Once in a while someone falls into your life, and enhances it in all
sorts of ways.  Such is the case with Justin and Tracy, and
such is ALSO the case with Tracy and me!  She had seen my work
for another bride and groom in her area, and called and told me “I
like the way you look at things”.  Tracy Burgei walking down the aisleShe’s an art teacher and an
artist and the more she talked the more I wanted to work with / for
her, and help represent her dream.Tracy Burgei and her brothers
When she called, it had just been a matter of weeks since her dad
had been killed and her mom injured in a terrible traffic
accident.  Her sweetheart had asked her to marry him, and as
she told me some of these plans have been in HER head for a long
time. Tracy Burgei VanBuskirk and her mom

I heard about the classic car his dad had that they wanted to
use as their get away car, her brothers walking her down the aisle,
and the photos she wanted taken at the cemetery to include her dad
in their day.  By the end of our conversation, we both felt we
were a good fit, and agreed to move forward.Tracy and Justin VanBuskirk

We didn’t meet until their engagement photos, and that was the
continuation of the comfortable nature of our relationship. 
They drove quite a ways to meet me, and then we drove all over the
place, one following the other, to get the atmosphere just
right.  Lots of time, lots of images, and they completely fine with the driving and the time it took.  It was all OK with them.Tarcy and her dad's tombstone on ehr wedding day  They loved
their photos, and so did I!

The wedding day was just as she had described.  Great fun with

big points of memory and emotion for both of them.  We did get

to use the car.  We did go to the cemetery and get something

that included her dad, and the beautiful spot where he rests. 

Their wedding party was a great bunch of outgoing, big hearted

people who made interesting party images no trouble at all. 

At the end of the day, I took them down an empty hallway together

and shot their ring pictures before we loaded up and left. 

Justin thanked me in such a sincere way for working so hard and

dealing with everyone so well, and getting what he was sure were

great photos.  It meant the world to me, and I told him

so.  If we all hadn’t been soaking wet with sweat, I probably

would have just grabbed him and bawled.  It was a good good time,

and I think it shows in these images, from start to finish.Justin VanBuskirk and the Chevy
Thank you, my new friends!

Nioka and Adam’s Wedding

Nioka and Adam hired me a year ago, and I’ve LOVED working with them through their engagement shoot as well as her bridal session a couple of weeks ago. They were married at The History Center in downtown Fort Wayne this past Saturday. We got to go out on the street that night, and as we were packing up, the rain that had been forecast for the day let loose.

Here’s the link to the finished product!