Second Anniversary ~ LGBTQ Friendly Photographers in Indiana

gay friendly photographers
Gary and Todd with Honey, on their front porch

An important anniversary is coming up.  It’s the date that Indiana FINALLY legalized same-sex marriage in our state.  It was a long time coming, and contentious, as it has been in most states, but the day finally came.  On that very day in my world, Gary and Todd ran down to the courthouse and tied the knot.  They posted on Facebook that they were finally legal after many many (many) years together.  It meant the world to them, and to everyone who felt that this was only fair and just.  I contacted them immediately and offered to do portraits of them at the house to honor their union.  I am so glad they accepted.

Since that time, Jeffrey and I have gotten married, and I have been reminded again how deep that joy goes.  It’s a privilege we have, but it’s also a right.  A right our grandparents had, and our parents….but not many of our friends.  My best friend Kirk left this earth in the 90s without the right (OR the privilege) to join his life with his life partner.  It was something he wanted so badly, and had it happened, his partner would have been cared for in an entirely different way afterward.

Honey needed a portrait, too!


So on October 6th, we say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all the couples who have been able to legalize their partnership, and celebrate their love openly as a result of this newfound freedom.  It was long overdue.

We are proudly gay LGBTQ friendly photographers, and we have been since day ONE.