Nadia is ONE / Fort Wayne Family Photographers

fort wayne family photographersI met Nadia first in a mermaid costume her grandmother had crocheted for her.  Time has flown by, and now Brittney and Ben’s little princess Nadia is ONE!

As usual, Mommy had gone shopping, so accessories abounded.  I also asked her to bring a colorful cupcake for the end of our walk in Foster Park, and boy was I glad.  Happy birthday big girl, and Brittney, thank you so much for choosing me!nad 1xDSC06100 copyx SONY DSC nad 1xDSC06134 copyx nad 1xDSC06156 copyx nad 1xDSC06237 copyx fort wayne family photographers


We are so thrilled to be Fort Wayne family photographers!


A Day with the Trovingers / Fort Wayne Indiana Family Photographer

George turned 18 months, and Sara (one of my former brides) called and asked me to help celebrate it! We started in Foster Park and it became clear right away that water is what turns George on! We spent part of the day at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, and then I got to see George’s house and his toys!fort wayne indiana family photographerfort wayne indiana family photographer georgefort wayne indiana family photographer george babyfort wayne indiana family baby photographerfort wayne indiana family photographer headwatersfort wayne indiana lifestyle photographerI love being a family photographer.  These images of when Eden was so small are so precious to me.  They take me back and warm my heart in a way nothing else does.  Being able to do this for others is a blessing to me, too!

Riley at 6 Months / Ft Wayne Indiana Family Photographer

I had shot the wedding of Riley’s parents, Shelly and Geoff last
year. It was a fabulous outdoor affair in Autumn, and
Shelly made the prettiest bride! Now the prettiest bride
has an equally pretty little angel.

We had put this off for hot weather, rainy weather and illness, so
when we finally got together and I got to meet this little punkin I
wanted to just eat her up. She’s a happy, mellow child
with the longest eyelashes and the best baby girl wardrobe
ever! We’re going to do some indoor stuff next week, so
I’ll be sure to share that too!

I shoot far more grown ups than children, so I really relish these






Drew and Cheryl’s Family

I have known Drew for a while, and was excited to meet his gorgeous wife and movie star quality children. MY GOSH, what a stunning family. There’s another on the way in November, so I’ll get to shoot a teeny tiny one again this fall!

This was shot at Foster Park, In Fort Wayne, IN