Chelsea’s Cowboy Wedding / Mercer Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

Chelsea’s Cowboy Wedding / Mercer Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

ohio cowboy wedding

This was my first time dealing with camouflage, and long guns at a wedding, but it was really cool.  A whole different vibe from what I’ve been dealing with lately, and I loved it.  It was a day filled with moonshine,  dancing to ALL kinds of music,  armed groomsmen (and groom), cowboy hats as guestbooks, and family and friendship as tight knit as I’ve ever seen.fort wayne wedding details

I hadn’t ever met the bride and groom, and they had found me through an online bridal group.  When I got there and saw how gorgeous they both are, you can imagine my elation.  That, and the fact that this couple’s love is so warm, comfortable, and evident to all around them that the photos flowed with an ease.  I enjoyed this project more than I have in a very long time.indiana cowboy wedding

Enjoy!ohio wedding photographers

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Boudoir Parties for Valentine’s Day / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Boudoir Photographers

fort wayne indiana boudoir photographersLooking for Boudoir Parties for Valentine’s Day from Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Boudoir Photographers

Look no further!

We’re so excited about this!

We are working with two of the best beauty experts in the area, and offering you something we don’t think anyone else is doing! You and your girlfriends can have a safe and fun time, doing something you’ve always said would be a BLAST! Some wine, a safe place, some little pretties to make you feel like the beauty you are, and your girl posse reinforcements to help you feel brave! Nothing too raunchy. Just gorgeous you (whatever your size), in the comfort of a place you feel safe, a beauty expert, other girlfriends (or not), and me ~~ Suzanne. The outcome? PROOF that you really ARE amazingly beautiful, and that you are bolder than you thought you could be! Then a boxed set of that proof, as a gift for someone else, or simply something for you to slip into a drawer and remind yourself that you do rock….just like you secretly thought you did.  

Have questions? OF COURSE you do! Call. 

This process ordinarily costs $500.00, and reaps a gift of 10 fine art 8x10s in a luxurious boxed set. This months’ promotion (separate from this offer) adds a beautiful leather album to that! All you have to do is book your session this month for any future date!

THANK YOU to the Universe / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Wedding Portrait Photographers

I’ve been pretty mad lately.  A pipe broke and I have had to remodel the whole back of my house.  My furnace nearly killed us in our sleep, and there are guys here right now, making this costly repair.  My husband works out-of-town, and I see him every six weeks or so.  A beloved pet died suddenly, and we had to bury him in the cold hard ground.  Someone has been walking around telling people she worked for me, when I’d never heard of her.

I turn on the news today and I see that lots of parents have lost their children and life partners, and I realize how lucky I am.

I have pipes to break while other people sleep beside dumpsters tonight.  I have a furnace to replace, and as much of a struggle as this is, I have the resources to pay to replace the one I have, while other people cannot pay for fuel, and are losing their homes.  My husband works, while other people’s husbands have been laid to rest after war, or passed to the other side after horrible bouts with cancer, etc.  I have a company that someone thought was talented enough to want others to think she worked for it.

Tonight when I walk out into my yard and look up at the starry night, I will again say THANK YOU to the universe for what I do have.  During this holiday season, I hope that each one of you can find a way to do the same thing.

Right now I feel like the richest and luckiest woman on earth.

This is MY Face. Deal with ME / Fort Wayne Indiana Defiance Ohio Professional Photographers

SONY DSCDear Friends, Supporters and Admirers,

Something has happened in the last 24 hours which has horrified me, and brought me to a place where I am even more peaceful with my digital file allowances, and policies for online viewing. I want to share this story with YOU, because it seems so simple, and so easy, and probably nearly cost me my reputation as a photographer, and as a business owner.

Someone named Ashley is saying she works for me. She is telling people to go see my site and see MY work, along with offering HER phone number, saying she is out of business cards. I employ NO SUCH PERSON. The work on my site is primarily shot by me, and the few images that are not mine were shot by Brandon Wittwer, Heidi Hathaway or Eden Kilcoin. All these people work with me, have been mentored by me and do excellent work. I don’t know who Ashley is, but boy—I’d LOVE to find out.

I recently had a few tense moments with a bride who hadn’t read through her contract, or even the letter enclosed with her digital files. BOTH say very clearly that images from my company must have my logo attached to be presented online in any way. I have had other photographers (not many) say “why bother? People will download them anyway.” I bother because of THIS. There are photographers this past year that have launched full websites with gorgeous images, NONE OF WHICH was theirs. These people have booked brides and portraits from consumers who love those images, and expect ones similar to them in style, and technique, when the person they’ve hired has lied to them and portrayed her/himself as someone capable of such work.

Now that anyone and everyone has a great digital camera, many many many every day are hanging out their shingles, and calling themselves photographers. I wish them all luck. I do. I came from nothing, and I built this company through hard work, and hard knocks. They can do that too, if they stick with it and continue their educations and their diligence. They have great cameras, they may have a great eye, and they may have growing technique that will get them far. I hope that for them. What they do NOT have is the experience I have. They do not have the list of clients I have that speak well of me. They don’t have decades of beautiful photos to show at meetings or online. Know what else they don’t have? This list in my head of times I have ALREADY screwed up and disappointed people, and done what it took to make things right and learned the hard way how to make my clients happy, and how to work under excruciatingly challenging conditions.

Bottom line: I am never out of business cards. No one who ever represents me will ever be out of business cards. Call ME about your photos. My number is here, on my website, on my proofing site and all over the internet. I book the people who go out on my behalf, and that is a verrrrry rare occurrence.

Ashley, I am going tonight and shooting portraits of the band you told someone you’d shoot. Thank you for the left-handed referral. If I ever find out who you are, my lawyers and I will make an experience for you that you will NEVER forget. Until then, I’m looking for you, and now at least 2000 other people are aware of you too.

I am a Fort Wayne Indiana Defiance Ohio professional photographer!

Friends, I’m asking you to share this. I worry that this is way too common in this business now. I worked hard. They can work hard too, and I wish them all success in the world, but they DO NOT get to ride on my coat tails!

This is a picture of MY face photographed by Brandon Wittwer.  (Thanks B!)

Isn’t it a shame anyone has to do something like this?!

Thankfulness / Fort Wayne Lima Ohio Wedding Portrait Photographers

Not many people can say they make their living doing something they love.  Not many can say that what they do for a living makes others happy, and gives them an important keepsake that future generations will also enjoy.Fort Wayne Lima Ohio Portrait Wedding Photographers

I am blessed, and for that reason, this year I am starting BLESSED Friday.  While you are shopping for your loved ones, let me be your gift to them.  Buy a portrait for them, and receive one for yourself.  That’s right, whatever you give, you’ll get for yourself too.  If you give your granddaughter $500 toward her wedding photos, you will get a $500 gift certificate for yourself, toward a large family portrait, or any other service I provide.

It’s as simple as a call or an email.  Let us know what you’d like to give, or what dollar amount, we invoice you, you pay with any credit card, and we send you 2 gift certificates to print.  We’d be happy to mail them to the recipient for you. Just say the word.

This offer will last until the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 9PM.  Do you have questions? Call!  260.385.6329

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Baby Nadia / Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Brittney and I have been floating very near the same circles of people for years now.
We both do services for the Fort Wayne area, and are held in high esteem.
It was inevitable that sooner or later the centrifuge of life would spin us together!
I’m so glad it finally happened.  Brittney has a five month old ANGEL of a child named Nadia.
Nadia’s grandmother had crocheted a mermaid costume for her for Halloween, and so it was decided that portraits were in order.  Fort Wayne Family Photographers

LOOK at this little angel.  I cannot wait to see her again.  This first visit kept me floating for hours!Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Fort Wayne Indiana Family Photographers

Fort Wayne Family Portrait Photographers

Memories / Fort Wayne Lima Defiance Portrait Wedding Photographers

The weather is cooler, and there are less calls and emails between now and January.  The wind is howling outside from the edge of the hurricane, and it’s just not pretty out there.  I’ve been indoors a lot this past few weeks, so I’ve been cleaning a lot.

I’ve gotten so ambitious, and honestly so curious and bored that I have decided to look inside boxes I have been moving around for years and years.  (There is a digging deep metaphor that applies here that I don’t want to be lost on you!)  My birthday is next week, which brings me to TWO years older than dirt, and it’s time to move the fur and dust inside those boxes aside, and look hard at what’s in them.

I’m a hoarder, I’ll admit it.  I had a talk with a friend many years ago when he asked me why I still had every Daytimer from the time I moved out of my parent’s house.  I opened one up, and showed him why.  “Deb’s birthday party Friday, bring rum and a blanket.”  “Going to David’s wedding?  RSVP by May.”  “I just don’t want to forget”, I told him.  (It still brings big tears to my eyes.)  “If I throw them out, I might forget.”  He gave me the biggest hug.  I kept them for a few years after that conversation, scoured them again, and then I burned them in the back yard in a slightly boozy ceremony all by myself on a night a lot like tonight.

Today I found all the notes my ex-husband and I wrote back and forth. We were too busy to see each other because we were working so hard, and they are so sweet and so dense with info while being just a fleeting message, often with arrows to who-knows-what beside the pad saying things like “enjoy, you deserve it”, etc.  We really loved each other once, before life happened to us and we handled it badly.  I found a letter my brother wrote in a birthday card that made me cry then, and makes me cry today.  (He’s wicked with words, too.)  I found letters from my sister from times when she lived far away and then I did.

Slipped in many of the envelopes today were pictures.  My daughter kept asking “What?!” as I’d sigh too loud, or burst into shrill laughter, or just a single “OH!”.  I was young and pretty once.  Other people told me, but I never believed it.  In fact quite the contrary.  My friends were young and pretty too, and we had fun.  I can prove it!

My words of wisdom for the day are these:  PRINT YOUR PICTURES.  Take the time and the effort once in a while to have something you can hold in your hand, put in your purse or wallet, and send to your friend for their fridge or their desk.  Print them so your kids and grandkids can say “You wore THAT?!”

I told a client the other day “I want to make sure you have at least one thing in your home I’m responsible for creating about which people walk in and say “WOW”!”  With all the talk, much of it mine lately, about digital files vs prints…just make sure some of your life is on hard copy.  It’s way more important than you may think right now.boys

“……………Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you……”  Paul Simon

The Regan Clem Family / Antwerp Ohio Family Photographers

I grew up in Fort Wayne Indiana.  My husband Dave and I both went to the schools on the south side, and played in Foster Park.  We bought our first home on Fairfield, a big American Four Square Arts and Crafts Style monster.  I loved that home, and still miss it.  We had intended to raise our daughter Eden there, right where we had ridden our bikes and just blocks from the prettiest park in town, AND her grandparents.  Unfortunately, the longer we were there, the more homeowners moved away, retiring to Florida, etc, and thus leaving their homes as rentals.  Great for the homeowner, not so good for us, the homeowners still there trying to hang onto the value and quality of our beloved neighborhood.

Eleven years ago, after much searching, we moved our little daughter and all our furry kids to a farm-house outside Antwerp, Ohio – just the other side of the state line.  The actual town of Antwerp is five miles away, and is a quiet little town with a k-12 school, and a couple of churches and traffic lights. In the 11 years I have lived in Ohio, I have worked as a photographer there exactly three times.  I don’t know why.  They have their own favorites (probably hometown people), and maybe they don’t know I’m here. I still work a lot in Fort Wayne, our nearest booming metropolis, and in Lima, also a much larger town.

Last year I saw on Facebook that a young local man had been in a terrible accident and the family needed help.  A local church was throwing a fund-raiser and I contacted them and asked how I could help.  I ended up donating a couple of portrait gift certificates to auction off.  It made me feel good to do something for someone in the town where our girl went to school.  Lindsay Lepper Clem called me and asked if we could save her gift certificate for the following fall, and just a few weeks ago she called to set up that appointment.  I was pretty psyched to meet someone from my town, and to work right down the road instead of getting on the highway.  It was cool!

When they met me at the park, and piled our of their van it reminded me of The Sound of Music.  Little beautiful stairsteps of humanity bounced out and walked up to me in very polite way to say hello and introduce themselves.  Regan and Lindsay have the nicest children, and they are so pretty to look  at, but then look at their parents.  We walked and watched for pretty light, and noticed the leaves and the water.  Being with little ones, you tend to see things so differently.  It’s such a gift!  I love these photos.

Regan Clem antwerp ohio photographers

Regan clem antwerp wedding photographers

Clem family antwerp ohio photographers

Clem Family Antwerp ohio Photographers

The Clem Family Antwerp Ohio family photographers

Antwerp, call me!  Anyone who lives in Paulding County gets 30% off any regularly priced service!  That’s always true.  I’d love to work close to home, in my own town more often.  Hire a local girl, even if I am new in town. 

All Eyes on You Facebook Wedding Photography Promotion / Fort Wayne Photographers

All Eyes on You Facebook Wedding Photography Promotion!fort wayne wedding photography promo
Call or email with questions. Use the contact me buttons all over the website, or message me thru facebook!

Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding Day? YES WE CAN / Fort Wayne Wedding Photographers

Wedding coordinator for your wedding day?  Wouldn’t it be great?!  No one asks you where the pew bows are, or when the florist should be there.  It WILL be great, because beginning next year, we will take care of all that for you.  Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio wedding planning

We’ve seen the need, we’ve discussed it, and we’ve decided we can provide this better than anyone.  Who knows the timeline of your day better than we do?  Who knows what’s most important and what you really do NOT want better than we do?  It’s a no brainer, and we are psyched about it!  We have hired someone with supreme organization, and an eye for detail to begin caring for our brides all day long.  It’s someone we’ve known for years, and who has a proven track record of caring for people in a way that makes them feel heard and cared for!  You’ll love her as much as we do!fort wayne indiana wedding planning

This is just another way for you to get the care you deserve to enjoy your wedding day, and let us provide you with what you need most!  A day of your own with your lover, pulled off like clockwork because we take the stress and leave you the fun!fort wayne wedding photographersfort wayne defiance ohio wedding coordinators