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The weather is cooler, and there are less calls and emails between now and January.  The wind is howling outside from the edge of the hurricane, and it’s just not pretty out there.  I’ve been indoors a lot this past few weeks, so I’ve been cleaning a lot.

I’ve gotten so ambitious, and honestly so curious and bored that I have decided to look inside boxes I have been moving around for years and years.  (There is a digging deep metaphor that applies here that I don’t want to be lost on you!)  My birthday is next week, which brings me to TWO years older than dirt, and it’s time to move the fur and dust inside those boxes aside, and look hard at what’s in them.

I’m a hoarder, I’ll admit it.  I had a talk with a friend many years ago when he asked me why I still had every Daytimer from the time I moved out of my parent’s house.  I opened one up, and showed him why.  “Deb’s birthday party Friday, bring rum and a blanket.”  “Going to David’s wedding?  RSVP by May.”  “I just don’t want to forget”, I told him.  (It still brings big tears to my eyes.)  “If I throw them out, I might forget.”  He gave me the biggest hug.  I kept them for a few years after that conversation, scoured them again, and then I burned them in the back yard in a slightly boozy ceremony all by myself on a night a lot like tonight.

Today I found all the notes my ex-husband and I wrote back and forth. We were too busy to see each other because we were working so hard, and they are so sweet and so dense with info while being just a fleeting message, often with arrows to who-knows-what beside the pad saying things like “enjoy, you deserve it”, etc.  We really loved each other once, before life happened to us and we handled it badly.  I found a letter my brother wrote in a birthday card that made me cry then, and makes me cry today.  (He’s wicked with words, too.)  I found letters from my sister from times when she lived far away and then I did.

Slipped in many of the envelopes today were pictures.  My daughter kept asking “What?!” as I’d sigh too loud, or burst into shrill laughter, or just a single “OH!”.  I was young and pretty once.  Other people told me, but I never believed it.  In fact quite the contrary.  My friends were young and pretty too, and we had fun.  I can prove it!

My words of wisdom for the day are these:  PRINT YOUR PICTURES.  Take the time and the effort once in a while to have something you can hold in your hand, put in your purse or wallet, and send to your friend for their fridge or their desk.  Print them so your kids and grandkids can say “You wore THAT?!”

I told a client the other day “I want to make sure you have at least one thing in your home I’m responsible for creating about which people walk in and say “WOW”!”  With all the talk, much of it mine lately, about digital files vs prints…just make sure some of your life is on hard copy.  It’s way more important than you may think right now.boys

“……………Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you……”  Paul Simon

Kattslair and How I Spent My Spring “Vacation” / Fort Wayne Indiana Commercial Photographer

Vintage costume estate jewelry fort wayne indianaI’ve been working hard but not the way I thought I would be these days.  Things change.  What do we do?  We dust ourselves off and move on.

What I have been working at is getting my father a website he can be proud of, and one from which he can sell his beautiful things.  It’s vintage estate and costume jewelry, and he has LOTS of it!  He and his wife Sande collected it for years, going to auctions and estate sales, even occasionally meeting with someone who had it and called asking if they were interested in looking at it.  They sold it, sometimes at flea markets, sometimes out of a booth in an antique mall, and sometimes online in various places.  Hollycraft vintage estate costume jewelry sales

Their site until recently was more of a museum to educate the public on the different brands and makers.  After Sande’s sudden death, dad was at a loss.  He has rooms full of these lovely trinkets, and his business and life partner was suddenly gone.  A few weeks after that, I found myself at a loss, so we quickly made a plan to stay busy and keep moving forward.  I’ve done product photography before, and I really enjoy it, but not nearly as much as this.  Not only do I get to spend my days looking at pretty little sparkly things, but I also get to hang out with one of the coolest men on earth.  It’s been a real blessing and joy for us both!  (More proof for me that everything DOES happen for a reason.)HAR vintage costume estate jewelry sales fort wayne

This is a subject I have been excited about for many years, and it’s been amusing to find out that my taste was pretty good.  I actually own some good named pieces, as well!  One of these days I’ll gather it together and show you!  (I’m NOT selling mine!)ART vintage estate costume jewelry sales fort wayne

To see more of this fabulous project, go see his new site here.

He also has booths in 2 local places,

Natures Corner Antique Mall

2307 Spy Run Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805



Homestead Antiques / Old Tyme Sales

255 North Hetzler Court

Angola, Indiana 46703  (Just off the exit from 69 and 20)

as well as online shops on Etsy and Ruby Lane.


I have been so darned busy–which is the good news AND the bad news.  I promised myself I would blog better this year, but instead I’ve only had the time to Facebook like crazy.  Something new is afoot though, and I HAD to holler about it here.

This summer’s promotion is METAL.

Book a senior picture session prior to August 1st and get a metal 8×10 float mount (A $90.00 value!) of your favorite image along with your regular $250.00 in prints.  Book your wedding for any remaining 2010, ’11 or ’12 date and get a complimentary group of THREE 12×12 metal float mounts of your favorite images from your wedding day included in your after-the-event product package!  (A $375 value)
Interested?  Call me!  Know someone who might be?  Hit “share” at the top of this blog and pass the news around.

This offer expires 8.01.10


See my website HERE
I’ve been excited about this product for months, and have decided on this material for the Vino Bellisimo gallery I’ve been asked to do in Lima, Ohio.  I received the samples today, and here are some images of what I have!
I am SO impressed!  I want all my clients to have this on their walls, and I’ll be talking about it and showing all my clients from now on! 
Be sure to ask me about it after your next photo session, and check it out in Lima in the next few weeks!

The Kimmell House Inn

Deb and Dean of The Kimmell House Inn allowed me to shoot a bridal boudoir portrait session in their beautiful establishment and in trade I shot some promotional stuff for them for their upcoming website.  I could have stayed there all day.  A gorgeous woods, one of the most beautiful homes I’ve set foot inside in the Midwest, and the nicest people.  If you get a chance, stop by.  They have fantastic lemonade, and their B and B is a fine example of historic Indiana.

Beautiful Camera Bags for Women–FINALLY!

Hurray!  Ladies, we don’t have to cart around those awful things that look like newspaper men from the 70s.
Lookie here!

(I didn’t shoot this, guys)

There’s a contest to win one.  I’m entering…and if I don’t win–I will STILL have one by Christmas.
Enter here!  I did!

The Seeton Company

Sherry and Eric are refurbishing their website, and wanted a new look at their products.  I had done commercial work before, but never products–inanimate objects.  After some conversation about their liking the detail shots I do during a wedding, I knew I was the right person for the job.  It’s been interesting, and an immense learning experience on many levels.  I’m proud to say that they are thrilled with my work, and our relationship will be ongoing!


I was contacted in August about doing promo work for this new practice opening in Fort Wayne. I had worked with their marketing director before, and was excited to do more work with her! This is a great looking, and NICE group of people. I hope I get to know them better! We had fun!