Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding Day? YES WE CAN / Fort Wayne Wedding Photographers

Wedding coordinator for your wedding day?  Wouldn’t it be great?!  No one asks you where the pew bows are, or when the florist should be there.  It WILL be great, because beginning next year, we will take care of all that for you.  Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio wedding planning

We’ve seen the need, we’ve discussed it, and we’ve decided we can provide this better than anyone.  Who knows the timeline of your day better than we do?  Who knows what’s most important and what you really do NOT want better than we do?  It’s a no brainer, and we are psyched about it!  We have hired someone with supreme organization, and an eye for detail to begin caring for our brides all day long.  It’s someone we’ve known for years, and who has a proven track record of caring for people in a way that makes them feel heard and cared for!  You’ll love her as much as we do!fort wayne indiana wedding planning

This is just another way for you to get the care you deserve to enjoy your wedding day, and let us provide you with what you need most!  A day of your own with your lover, pulled off like clockwork because we take the stress and leave you the fun!fort wayne wedding photographersfort wayne defiance ohio wedding coordinators

The PBS Auction and Our Henry Adventure in Wonderland!

Last summer I donated a big gift certificate to the local PBS auction for their annual fundraiser.  It was exiting to see the donation mentioned time and time again during the month of the fundraising event.  I got some emails with questions about what the coverage entailed, etc.  That even heightened the thrill of being involved, as I anticipated meeting the winner and beginning the planning of their big day.

In the end the Martin Henry family won, and their daughter Rebecca contacted me to arrange a meeting so we could get acquainted and talk about her wedding day. Becky was in town from Indy to taste cakes, and look at floral choices, and I met her mom Vicki, her sister Jamie and her at Club Soda for a cocktail (or two) and some delightful chat and love fest.  They were so appreciative of my donation to PBS, I was so appreciative of their support of same.  I made fast friends that night.

Fast forward to the wedding day.  How lucky can I get?  Seriously!  The handsomest men, the most gorgeous girls.  A huge loving family completely immersed in this occasion.  The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  The Scottish Rite.  A trolley for a couple of hours in between and all of downtown Ft Wayne as our backdrop.  This was a fabulous day with clients who wanted cool photos just as much as they wanted a rocking party.  A photographer’s dream!

Thanks Becky and Steve, and your entire entourage.

Thanks Martin and Vicki for being benevolent benefactors to a worthy cause.

Thanks to ALL for being the perfect subjects. 

Thanks to the entire Henry family for their graciousness, that day and every day!
I’ve made LOTS new friends–the ultimate icing on this cake!

(A special shout out to Brandon Wittwer, who takes my sh**, shoots like a champ, and helps make me look good!)