About Us

Fort Wayne Wabash photographers

What you need to know about All Eyes on You is that there are big hearts behind the cameras that are there for you, too. It’s all about helping to illustrate the history that is you.

They could say that they’ve had cameras to their faces since they emerged from the womb. They could say it’s THEIR PASSION, ever since their families began and they realized they took cute pictures of their kids. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
What’s true is that these are kind, huge hearts who love to take pictures, but more than that, they love to participate in LIFE. ALL of it. The quiet times–like the birth of your child, and the raucous times–like your wedding reception.

They’re in it to make new friends, and have new experiences. They’re in it for the pure love of the people they deal with, and the difference that those canvases over the fireplaces make to the homes where they reside.

Award winning and published in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, they are now in Wabash.

We are proudly LGBT friendly, and have been since day one!