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We ARE Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

indianapolis wedding photographersWe’ve been Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana photographers for a lonnnnng time.  Feels like a good time to stretch our legs, and flex our muscles.  The past couple of years we’ve decided that we are destination wedding photographers, since we’re thrilled to go anywhere with our tools.  That was a no-brainer.  It’s now time we proclaim something else.  We are Indianapolis wedding photographers.Indianapolis wedding photography

Eden left for college.  Our only child.  It’s been coming, and she’s been so excited about it and preparing for it for years!  Now it’s here…and she’s not.  She’s in Indianapolis.  (See where we might be heading, here?)Indianapolis wedding photography

So Jeffrey and I moved her down to Indy, and on the way home we started thinking… Why are we not Indianapolis photographers? We ARE. We’ve won awards, our work’s been published, we have great reviews all over the place…we’ve rocked Ft Wayne. Heck, Indy is only 90 minutes from our front porch…

Let’s do it!


We ARE Indianapolis wedding photographers!

indy wedding photographers

So we began to plot.  If we worked in Indy more, we’d see this kid more, we’d shoot in more interesting venues, we’d be in a place that excites us more often.  Is there a down side?  Nope.

indy bridal portraits

Those more local photographers are no more talented than we are.  They’re just more expensive because they’re paying rent in the mega-metropolis.  (The first advantage for the client.)  We’ve photographed events and portraits in some of the largest and most beautiful venues in Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio.  We pride ourselves on mature customer service from start to finish, which includes far more than just pretty pictures.Indianapolis wedding photography

We are attentive from the initial meeting, to the timeline consultation, to the ordering of prints, canvases and the album design. We are continually referred by other professionals with whom we have worked because we don’t keep people waiting, we’re organized, fun and friendly, and we are ready for anything because we have done this a million times.  And then, of course, we also produce very pretty pictures!

indianapolis engagement photographer

So we’re on it.  We want it.  We’re going after this like a fat kid to cake.  We want to work where Eden is.  We want to document more of the big city.  We want to use our creativity on a wider scale.  C’mon Indy.  You’re going to love us!

indianapolis wedding photojournalism

SO here’s our first idea….if we have not worked in the venue in which you are having your soiree, we’ll give you a 20% discount on our services from today until New Year’s Eve 2018.  No kidding.indy wedding photography

Take a look at our work.
You’ll be impressed.  Then you’ll call us.  We’ll meet for coffee…. yada yada yada.

Let’s do this!   260.385.6329

indianapolis wedding photographers

Hey, if you’re curious..

We’d also love to do

Indianapolis family photography

Indianapolis senior photography

Indianapolis engagement photography

Indianapolis product photography ….. did we leave something out?

Bring it!

indy wedding photography

Second Anniversary ~ LGBTQ Friendly Photographers in Indiana

gay friendly photographers
Gary and Todd with Honey, on their front porch

An important anniversary is coming up.  It’s the date that Indiana FINALLY legalized same-sex marriage in our state.  It was a long time coming, and contentious, as it has been in most states, but the day finally came.  On that very day in my world, Gary and Todd ran down to the courthouse and tied the knot.  They posted on Facebook that they were finally legal after many many (many) years together.  It meant the world to them, and to everyone who felt that this was only fair and just.  I contacted them immediately and offered to do portraits of them at the house to honor their union.  I am so glad they accepted.

Since that time, Jeffrey and I have gotten married, and I have been reminded again how deep that joy goes.  It’s a privilege we have, but it’s also a right.  A right our grandparents had, and our parents….but not many of our friends.  My best friend Kirk left this earth in the 90s without the right (OR the privilege) to join his life with his life partner.  It was something he wanted so badly, and had it happened, his partner would have been cared for in an entirely different way afterward.

Honey needed a portrait, too!


So on October 6th, we say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all the couples who have been able to legalize their partnership, and celebrate their love openly as a result of this newfound freedom.  It was long overdue.

We are proudly gay LGBTQ friendly photographers, and we have been since day ONE.



Save $1000 on Wabash Wedding Photography

After relocating here over a year ago, we realize we need to embed a little better.  It’s time to come out of our comfortable success story and act hungry for a while, to get your attention.getting married4

That’s why we’ve decided to offer $1000 off what would ordinarily be YOUR wedding’s charges, after we hear about what you’re planning.  You should call.

We want to be

Marion Indiana wedding photographers

Peru Indiana wedding photographers

Warsaw Indiana wedding photographers

Kokomo Indiana wedding photographers


Wabash Indiana wedding photographers.

C’mon.  Call.  Tell us about your wedding, and we’ll show you why we are the best fit, along with saving you a LOT of money on the best photography in the area, until September 15th.


Chelsea’s Kids Keep Growing! / Fort Wayne Family Photographer

Chelsea first called me when she was pregnant with Mara.  I went to the house and met a crazy noisy loving household full of boys and grownups who loved each other very much.

The next year, Mara was there with us, the boys had longer legs.  Mox was just as crazy as the year before, and Mason was the little gentleman he had been the year before, too, but a little more comfortable with me.

Another year went by, we went to grandma and grandpa’s house, and had another hectic, crazy session that ended up beautiful, like years prior, but now with a little princess at the helm.

This year, Mason is a young man.  All style, and grace.  Mox cooperated with me like never before, and it was the aforementioned princess that gave us fits.  But THIS YEAR, we got the best stuff EVER.  The light was right.  The place was right.  The boys were hams, and once every little bit, the princess would stop and smile, or take off running toward me in a way that was just darling.

I may have moved to Wabash, but I will always be a Fort Wayne family photographer.

Maddy and Andrew’s House / Fort Wayne Family Photography

fort wayne family photographerMaddy and Andrew had their first baby a few short weeks ago.  I had taken their engagement portraits a couple of years ago, but not their wedding.  Maddy grew up in Northern Michigan and they had a local photographer do that for them.

When Maddy called me to ask if we’d visit, she started out with “I don’t know if you remember me, but….”.  I DID.  Of course I did.  Engagement portraits are so much fun, and watching for a couple’s chemistry and then capturing that is one of my favorite things.  She and Andrew had been together a very long time, and the comfort and quiet knowing between them was beautiful to watch, and touching to capture.  They loved their photos.  I was so envious of their wedding photographer!fort wayne infant photographer

Fast forward now to Evey.  Evey is four months old, and grandma and grandpa and all the aunts and uncles came from Michigan and much father away to visit for the first time.  The love and compatibility of this group was palpable.  Another wonderful experience.  Again, SO happy with the outcome.  They are, too!10 7 6 5 4 3 2 fort wayne family photographer

Pinterest and Your Wedding Photographer / Fort Wayne Photographers

The time is going by so quickly. it’s been more than a year since I blogged, and I had such high hopes for myself. So if you’ve followed me, you must have fallen asleep, and maybe in the next little while I can get you interested again!
There is a lot of debate on the photography forums about Pinterest and your wedding photographer. Do we encourage it? Do we poo poo it? Do we pretend to be excited? Do we cooperate?fort wayne wedding photographers
Imagine this. Imagine that every bride for the last 2 years who wanted to use Mason jars, I said to her, “I don’t like Mason jars, they kill my creative spirit. Your wedding will look like everyone else’s with those Mason jars. I think it’s a terrible idea.” I wouldn’t have worked much. The same is true of Pinterest.Findlay Ohio wedding photographers

For those of you who just emerged from a cave and have yet to begin your Pinterest experience, it goes like this. Imagine a bulletin board with the heading “Great Recipes”. You’re in a stadium full of other bulletin boards, and you can yell out “RECIPE FOR BEEF STEW”, and all these index cards fall on your head with beef stew recipes from all over the world, and you decide which ones of those you will pin onto your bulletin board. That would be the real life version of Pinterest. And you can have a board for wedding plans, and one for kitchen decorating ideas, and cool make-up tricks. It’s fun, and addicting.defiance ohio wedding photographers

As a photographer, I like the influx of new ideas, and even I make boards for inspiration. Sometimes I just want to try the lighting technique, sometimes I love the feeling of the shot, and want to go for it in some way.
More and more I am being asked to copy shots brides have seen on Pinterest. Sometimes lots and lots of them. There are some things you need to understand if this is something you want to do with your photographer.

First, allow the time for this. Along with the standard list of phots:

  • you,
  • him,
  • the two of you,
  • you and mom and dad,
  • the both of you and mom and dad…

We add in all the others.  It takes time.

Secondly, do you know where there’s a staircase like they used?  Do you have the chalk, or the blackboard, etc…?

Third, are you sure?  Just checking…., don’t be offended.  Unique is unique, and we are all over it.  On the other hand I have shot the groom showing his wedding ring to the giddy groomsmen maybe….. ten times in the past year?  Do you want the same shot your girlfriend has?fort wayne wedding photography

If given the time, the examples, the materials, and the willingness from all the subjects involved, I LOVE doing this.  Not everyone has Pinterest, and the reaction in my portfolio is usually very positive.  I want to make sure that if I humor you, you’ll let us be creative too.  We artists don’t like to be locked into one bag of tricks. I also want to make sure you understand that every Fort Wayne and Wabash wedding photographer is being asked to shoot this same shot, and so down the road, all your friends and family may see the same image in every wedding album they look at.

All that being said, let’s go have some fun shooting your wedding pictures!  YEE HA!

Nadia is ONE / Fort Wayne Family Photographers

fort wayne family photographersI met Nadia first in a mermaid costume her grandmother had crocheted for her.  Time has flown by, and now Brittney and Ben’s little princess Nadia is ONE!

As usual, Mommy had gone shopping, so accessories abounded.  I also asked her to bring a colorful cupcake for the end of our walk in Foster Park, and boy was I glad.  Happy birthday big girl, and Brittney, thank you so much for choosing me!nad 1xDSC06100 copyx SONY DSC nad 1xDSC06134 copyx nad 1xDSC06156 copyx nad 1xDSC06237 copyx fort wayne family photographers


We are so thrilled to be Fort Wayne family photographers!


Chelsea’s Cowboy Wedding / Mercer Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

Chelsea’s Cowboy Wedding / Mercer Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

ohio cowboy wedding

This was my first time dealing with camouflage, and long guns at a wedding, but it was really cool.  A whole different vibe from what I’ve been dealing with lately, and I loved it.  It was a day filled with moonshine,  dancing to ALL kinds of music,  armed groomsmen (and groom), cowboy hats as guestbooks, and family and friendship as tight knit as I’ve ever seen.fort wayne wedding details

I hadn’t ever met the bride and groom, and they had found me through an online bridal group.  When I got there and saw how gorgeous they both are, you can imagine my elation.  That, and the fact that this couple’s love is so warm, comfortable, and evident to all around them that the photos flowed with an ease.  I enjoyed this project more than I have in a very long time.indiana cowboy wedding

Enjoy!ohio wedding photographers

pennsylvania cowboy weddingohio cowboy wedding photographerohio country weddig

paulding county wedding photographersohio cowboy wedding ceremonyohio wedding photography

Don’t Talk to Me. I’m Editing / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Photographers

Don’t Talk to Me.  I’m Editing / Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio Photographer … seriously.

Joleen and Bobbi have photos coming, so I am in edit mode. Facebook is logged off (which, I’m not gonna lie–HURTS) and I am laser focused. It’s back in the saddle again, and time to start cranking out beauty as the wedding season starts to roll on.
LOVING what I got, so far!
They’re coming, ladies!
fort wayne defiance ohio photographers
Celina Ohio wedding photographers
I LOVE being a Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio photographer!

Wildly Romantic Wedding Photography….or Not / Fort Wayne Wedding Photographers

When you open a bridal magazine or planning book, you see wildly romantic wedding photography, sometimes even mildly erotic bride and groom portraits. I love this, myself. Some of them are like 21st century versions of gothic romance covers.Fort Wayne Defiance Ohio wedding engagement photographers

You need to know a couple of things about these images, if this is what you want from your photographer.

FIRST, a competent photographer feels excited and intrigued at the notion that this is what you want. They won’t wince, or draw back; they’ll lean forward and breathe a bit harder.Fremont Indiana wedding photographers

The OTHER first, (because it IS NOT second) is that these photos take time. Not hours, usually (unless we’re driving to an historic location an hour from your reception venue) but time – away, without your best man yanking your chain because you’re showing your new wife some love, away – from your mother who is to my right saying “HONEY! SMILE!”, away – from Grandma, who wants to coo and have her bachelor son with too-much-camera-for-his-skill jump in front of me and say “Let me get one”. If it’s not an ornately staged production shot, but you still want something romantic, and less Ken and Barbie-ish than your sister’s, you still need SOME time budgeted in your day! Nazareth Hall wedding photographers

If you want creative/unique work from your photographer, please discuss your timeline with the photographer more than once prior to the week before your wedding. Allow time. This can be worked out.

A great way to do this is to take some time together BEFORE the wedding.


DON’T LOOK AWAY NOW.Noblesville wedding photographers


I personally love this, and consider it more romantic.  Let me tell you why!

I urge the couple to choose a spot to see each other for the first time. I have the groom turn his back and have the bride approach. He turns and gets to see her FIRST, and review every detail of her, and she HIM. They get to say things to each other, compliment each other, soak each other in. The boutonnière is not crushed by the receiving line before she is alone with him. Her veil, hair and make-up are not wrinkled and wilted by hugs and perspiration. They are the first to see EACH OTHER, and in my experience, the stress bubble begins to deflate, and I see these two people begin to ENJOY their wedding day. They’ve seen each other (their best friend); they begin experiencing their day TOGETHER. The dynamics of that kind of wedding day are immensely different from the scenario where he paces and sweats, she fumbles and tears up constantly, and the tension is what gets documented the first part of the day.Bridal portrait wedding fort wayne indiana photographer

Many times I have heard resistance to this idea, and the notion that “if he sees me before the wedding he won’t feel that rush of seeing me at the other end of the aisle, it won’t be the same, and it won’t be the way it’s supposed to be.” Remember folks, I have photographed LOTS of weddings now. I watch these people all day. The notion that he won’t look down the aisle and say to himself, “Here she comes. There she is. The girl I’m about to marry.” Believe me, the groom still wells up, the best man still pats him on the back, the bride still feels all the emotions she would have.  After all, she is STILL walking toward Prince Charming on her dad’s arm, she is STILL about to marry the man she loves, her life is still about to change forever, there are still all her friends standing up as she enters….and that walk is still a very special one!Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding photographer grand wayne

Dave and andrea olsen wedding notre dame photographer photography

So, to recap, creative portraits take time to photograph. Of course we can do it after the wedding and before the reception, while your mom is hissing “HONEY, the guests are waiting” or we can get them done before, and then you two sail out of the church, onto the party bus or limo, have some extra time with your friends on the way, and you get there before the hoers oeuvres are gone.

If you’re certain you’d rather not see one another beforehand, you can always put a delay between your ceremony and reception to get some fun shots with your wedding party, and then your new spouse. We can stop along the route to the reception, I’ll even ride in the limo if you’d like.  If you’d rather, when we’re all finished, I’ll race you to the party, get detail shots of your table settings, your place cards, and your cake before there’s a crowd around it, and greet you as the DJ announces to your guests that you’ve arrived.

Either way, if you plan it into your day, we get the photographs you’ve hoped for. The ones your girlfriends, sons and daughters will ooh and ahh over for generations. Either way, we get the documentary of your day. This is the only thing you have left after the gifts are put away and the gown is cleaned.Jon and Jill bryson wedding portraits fort wayne photography

Your preparation for what you want is just as important as mine, if you want more than the standard fare in your wedding album. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if all you want is the standard fare, you DO NOT want one of those photographers that takes you away from your guests for hours before you get to the party. Check with other brides, talk to them, and don’t take their written word on the website for the final word. Was this person a commando who was rude to the guests? Did they have great ideas, or did they look to the wedding party for guidance? Did the contract they signed represent what REALLY happened? Did this bride get her pictures in a timely fashion? Were they what she had hoped for? If there were any problems or questions whatsoever, did the photographer handle them in a CAN-DO way with prompt responses, and solutions to her issues?Celina Ohio wedding photographers

So, to conclude…I don’t want to be rude, but it’s true in some odd ways. Hiring a photographer is like buying a car. It can be pretty and shiny in their portfolio and their website, but they may be letting people down left and right, and if you don’t check, you’re stuck with a big clunker for the rest of your life.fort wayne angola indiana wedding photographers

Suzanne Kattau-Kilcoin
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