Sarah and Sean’s Engagement

Yesterday I drove to West Lafayette to meet with Sean and Sarah, my bride and groom for July 11.
I ended up adding an extra hour to my trip because I was chatting it up to a fellow photog that I never get to talk to. I missed my turn–OH WELL. GREAT talk with Amber, and pretty day for a drive. Thank you Sean, for the patient phone navigation into town via the RURAL route.

(Felt like such a GIRL.)
I got the tour of Purdue university where Sean had just graduated the day before, and from where Sarah had graduated, prior to obtaining her advanced degree in Chicago. We had a good time, and true to their promise, they took me to their favorite local pub for a cold brew before I left town again.

These two are a blast, and now more than ever, I am PSYCHED to shoot their wedding.
My feet hurt!